Governance and sustainable urban transport in the Americas

Governance and sustainable urban transport in the Americas

/ Mercier, Jean, Tremblay-Racicot, Fanny, Carrier, Mario, & Duarte, Fabio. — Cham, Switzerland : Palgrave Macmillan, 2018.

1 online resource (xv, 129 pages) : illustrations (chiefly colour), PDF.

The book examines the three main challenges for sustainable urban transport (i.e., transport to reduce greenhouse gases in urban areas) and the history of policies and instruments behind sustainable urban transit in three cities: Seattle, USA; Montréal, Canada; and Curitiba, Brazil. It draws conclusions on governance, policy instruments, and transaction costs of the governance framework from the case studies. The final brief chapter looks at the future of sustainable urban transport.


Ontario Municipal Act & commentary

Ontario Municipal Act & commentary

/ Mascarin, John & Williams, Christopher J. — 2019 edition — Toronto, ON : LexisNexis Canada, 2018.

lxxxi, 786 pages : tables, index.

The book contains the full text of the Ontario Municipal Act, 2001 and its regulations; a table of concordance between the Municipal Act, 2001, the previous Municipal Act, the City of Toronto Act, 2006 and other statutes; and a commentary on the status of municipalities, history of municipal legislation and legislative reform in Ontario, and each part of the Act, with reference to case law. It also includes a sample declaration of office and the Memorandum of Understanding between the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and the Province of Ontario (August 21, 2018).
The Act covers the organization and structure of municipal government; general and specific municipal powers; licensing; municipal reorganization; accountability and transparency; practices and procedures; financial administration; municipal taxation and tax collection (including limitation on taxes for certain property classes, optional tax on vacant residential units, sale of land for tax arrears, fees and charges, and power to impose transient accommodation tax); debt and investment; enforcement; municipal liability; regulations and forms; and provisions for transitioning to the new Act.
The included regulations address administrative penalties; bank loans; expenditure reporting; codes of conduct; construction financing; council composition for select regional municipalities; debt and financial obligation limits; debt-related financial instruments and agreements; dissolution of and prescribed changes to an investment board or joint investment board; eligible investments and related financial agreements; priority lien status; licensing powers; local improvement charges; minimum maintenance standards for municipal highways; municipal and school capital facilities agreements and tax exemptions; municipal services corporations; municipal tax sales rules; payments in lieu of taxes; pension plan for municipal employees; powers of the minister or a commission in implementing a restructuring proposal; restructuring proposals; services that cannot be identified as a special service; vacant unit tax rebates; property tax bills; variable interest rate debentures and foreign currency borrowing; and waste management.
The legislation in the work is current to The Ontario Gazette, Vol. 151, No. 34, August 25, 2018.


Subnational public-private partnerships: Meeting infrastructure challenges

Subnational public-private partnerships: Meeting infrastructure challenges

/ Mizell, Lee, Saussier, Stéphane, Gifford, Jonathan, Transue, Morghan, & Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities. — Paris : OECD Publishing, 2018.

1 online resource (132 pages) : graphs, tables, bibl., JPG. — (OECD multi-level governance studies).

The report looks at the history, challenges and governance of subnational public–private partnerships (P3s) for delivering infrastructure. It contains three case studies: the opportunities and challenges of P3s for infrastructure at the subnational level in France, the case of private finance initiatives at the local level in the UK, and opportunities and challenges for P3s for infrastructure development in the state of Virginia.


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