A budgeting guide for local government

A budgeting guide for local government

/ Bland, Robert L. & Overton, Michael R. — Fourth edition — Washington, DC : ICMA Press, 2019.

xii, 343 pages : illustrations, charts, glossary, indexes.

The introduction provides an overview of the importance and evolution of local government finance, trends in local government finance and influencing factors in the United States. The first part explores revenue sources available to American local governments and the principles to guide taxation. These include the property tax, sales tax, sales tax, excise tax, income taxes, service charges, development charges, special taxing districts, and tax incentives and relief. The second part focuses on the preparation and approval of local budgets. Chapters in this section look at budgetary choices; the budget cycle (i.e., preparation and legislative approval, executive implementation, accounting and auditing), budgeting for capital improvements, and budgeting for improved performance.


Changing neighbourhoods: Social and spatial polarization in Canadian cities

Changing neighbourhoods: Social and spatial polarization in Canadian cities

/ Grant, Jill L.; Walks, R. Alan; & Ramos, Howard. (Eds.). — Vancouver, BC : UBC Press, 2020.

1 online resource (xx, 326 pages) : index, bibl., PDF.

The first part provides a theoretical and historical account of neighbourhood change and income inequality in Canadian cities. The second part comprises case studies of the drivers and geography of income inequality, social demographics and neighbourhood change since the 1980s at the city and metropolitan levels in Calgary, Hamilton, Halifax, Montréal, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg. The studies present the findings of the Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership. The final part includes a study of social policy to reverse income inequality and the implications of neighbourhood change as well as a summary of the lessons learned from the research project on neighbourhood inequality and change.


Getting started : performance management for local government

Getting started: Performance management for local government

/ INTERNATIONAL CITY/COUNTY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION. — Second edition — Washington, DC : International City/County Management Association, 2019.

1 online resource (VI, 78 pages) : colour illustrations, charts, PDF.

The book is an introduction to implementing performance management for local governments in the United States. It discusses the role of management, data collection, getting buy-in, department involvement, staff training, costs, ensuring the validity of the data, benchmarking, data visualization, data reporting, and data-driven decision making. Appendix B comprises international perspectives on performance management from local government professionals in New South Wales, Australia; Regina, Saskatchewan; China; and Latin America.


Pour des milieux de vie durables

Pour des milieux de vie durables

/ Leclerc-Pelletier, Mathieu; Marchand, Catherine & Deroo, Thierry. — [Québec, QC] : Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l'Habitation, 2020.

1 ressource en ligne (68 pages) : illustrations en couleur, bibl., PDF. — (Guide de bonnes pratiques sur la planification territoriale et le développement durable).

The guide covers key elements of planning sustainable living environments and ensuring public participation; offers a planning framework for sustainable living environments focused on six qualities (econeutrality, accessibility, equity and solidarity, adaptability and security, inclusion and conviviality, and identity and creativity); presents Québec examples of good practices, including projects and the use of regulatory tools; and highlights major projects in Québec, primarily in metropolitan contexts.


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