Muniscope is dedicated to providing quality information on urban and regional issues from a national perspective.


Muniscope was created in 2002 to be the web-based version of the information services provided by the Intergovernmental Committee on Urban and Regional Research (ICURR). ICURR was created at the 1967 meeting of Canada's First Ministers for the purpose of exchanging information with respect to urban and regional matters between all levels of government. Funding for ICURR is provided by the ministry/department responsible for local government in each province and territory.


The Committee provides support to local and regional governments through the subsidized Muniscope services. Subscription fees cover the rest of the operating costs of providing up-to-date quality information and networking services.


Through Muniscope's special relationship with all the key stakeholders in local government across Canada, we are able to provide unique information services to our members.